We consider it our main task to ensure the children's wellbeing. In our opinion, this is a basic prerequisite for any learning and development process. A warm, accepting, loving atmosphere and a secure attachment to a reliable caregiver are key to achieving this.

We are convinced that child development is a highly individual and complex process. This is why we rely on different approaches in our educational work, such as elements from Fröbel's paedagogy, the Montessori paedagogy, the situation-based approach and the early‑childhood paedagogy of Emmi Pikler.

We offer the children a bilingual (German/English) environment, using the immersion method in our work. This means that the children experience daily kindergarten life in two languages and acquire the English language in day-to-day interaction with English-speaking early years practitioners.

The complete concept can be downloaded here as a PDF file.