Janna Lindemann

My name is Janna Lindemann and I come from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. I received a Bachelor of Music Education and a minor in German as a foreign language from Baylor University in 2014. Prior to working at Cologne Bumblebees, I have volunteered, interned, and worked as a primary school teacher, preschool substitute teacher, childcare employee, tutor, babysitter and nanny – all of which fostered my deep passion in working with children. In 2015, I received my International Diploma for English Language Teaching with an additional certification in teaching English to young learners. Having worked hard to learn German in adulthood, I strongly believe in the benefits of learning a second language and experiencing different cultures early in life. I love my job and find it truly rewarding to encourage and nurture children as they grow, learn new things, and have fun experiencing life.